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Department Seal Kenneth H. "Buddy" MacKay
White House Special Envoy to the Americas
and Thomas R. Pickering
Under Secretary of State for Political Affairs

Joint Statement at 30th OAS General Assembly
Windsor, Canada, June 5, 2000

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The United States welcomes the approval of the resolution on the mission to strengthen democracy in Peru. This is a timely and important resolution, adopted with strong consensus, which will strengthen the hemispheric architecture on democracy.

We are delighted that Canada's Foreign Minister Axworthy and OAS Secretary General Gaviria have been selected to head the mission to Peru. These two distinguished gentlemen are the best choices to facilitate dialogue on ways to rebuild democratic institutions.

Adoption of this resolution is explicit acceptance that the state of democracy in one country inevitably affects us all. When one country's democracy is weakened, the entire Inter-American system suffers.

We welcome the Government of Peru's acceptance of this resolution and of the mission. Now, the Government of Peru and the Peruvian people must come together to tackle the hard work of reform. The Government of Peru has reiterated its commitment to strengthening democratic institutions. We note that this is a long-standing pledge, going back to President Fujimori's remarks to the OASGA in 1992.

The United States, along with the rest of the hemisphere's democracies, will be watching very closely to see how the Government of Peru meets its commitments under this resolution. The Government of Peru has agreed to facilitate and cooperate with the mandate of Minister Axworthy and Secretary General Gaviria in exploring options and recommendations to strengthen democracy, in particular reform of judicial and electoral processes, and strengthening freedom of the press.

We look forward to a successful mission and are prepared to assist its activities in any way we can. However, we reserve the right to draw our own conclusions and take our own actions as appropriate in response to the progress made by the Government of Peru.

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