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Dispatch Magazine Dispatch Magazine

Message to Dispatch Subscribers

The United States Department of State Dispatch has provided key speeches and testimony by senior State Department officials as well as current U.S. treaty actions since 1990. However, since all speeches, briefings, and testimony from State Department officials and the current U.S. treaty actions are available on the web site at www.state.gov upon release, hard copy distribution of this publication will end with the December 1999 issue and Index.

Back issues from January 1993 through December 1996 are available on the Departmentās archive through the federal depository library of the University of Illinois at Chicago at http://dosfan.lib.uic.edu/. For issues beginning with January 1997 and ending with December 1999, Dispatch continues to be available on the Departmentās main web site at http://1997-2001.state.gov/publications/dispatch/index.html

About the Magazine

The monthly Dispatch Magazine (ISSN 1051-7693) provides the major speeches and congressional testimony from the State Department. It is published by the Office of Public Communication, Bureau of Public Affairs.

Its predecessor, the Department of State Bulletin, was the official record of U.S. foreign policy from 1939-1989. While the Bulletin is unavailable on the web, you may find reference hard copies through federal depository libraries and in public and university libraries throughout the United States.

To view Dispatch Magazine in PDF format, you must first download Acrobat Reader from Adobe. (Installation and web browser instructions are included.) Or, to convert the PDF document to HTML (for issues prior to October 1998), copy the file's URL (provided below) then go to: http://access.adobe.com/simple_form.html and paste the file name into the form which appears on that page and select the conversion option you desire. For technical assistance, email doswork@uic.edu.

Issues from 1997-98
Issues from 1993-96


1999 Index
http://1997-2001.state.gov/publications/dispatch/index99.pdf (146 kb)
December 1999 (pdf; 213kb)

December 1999 (html)

November 1999 (pdf; 250kb)

November 1999 (html)

October 1999 (pdf; 239kb)

October 1999 (html)

August/September 1999 (pdf; 220kb)

August/September 1999 (html)

July 1999 (pdf; 227kb)

July 1999 (html)

June 1999 (pdf; 272 kb)

June 1999 (html)

May 1999 (pdf; 102 kb)

May 1999 (html)

April 1999 (pdf; 174 kb)

April 1999 (html)

March 1999 (pdf; 226 kb)

March 1999 (html)
January/February 1999 (pdf; 280 kb)

January/February 1999 (html)


You may e-mail inquiries relating to the editorial content of Dispatch Magazine to the managing editor at: adamsju@panet.us-state.gov

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