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December 2000 Issue

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'The Eagle Has Landed'


Renowned artist Greg Wyatt's inspiration for "world peace, the security of the United States and global community" is captured in his massive bronze sculpture of a magnificent American eagle soaring skyward.

"Soaring Eagle," the 11,600-pound artwork that now rests in the north courtyard of the Harry S Truman Building, is intended to keep inspiring those who pass through the sheltered space.


USIA-State Integration
A Work in Progress

Ask Denise Vest what she thinks of the integration of the U.S. Information Agency with the Department of State. The smile that lights up her face answers the question with-out words.

A building services specialist who ran USIA's parking program from a windowless cubicle in the former agency's headquarters, Ms.Vest crosswalked to a similar job at State after the October 1999 merger. In the last year, she has been promoted, moved to a more spacious office with walls and a window and assumed responsibility for distributing one of the Department's most precious commodities: parking passes. She says her new supervisor and office colleagues eased her adjustment by inviting her over to get acquainted long before the scheduled move. Smiling, Ms. Vest says one of the first new skills she acquired was finding her way to the cafeteria.



American writer Paul Bowles, author of The Sheltering Sky, once said, "Morocco's front door opens to all of Africa. The other side of that same door opens to Europe." The country that bridges Europe and Africa seems to embrace contrasts. Imagine the snowcapped Atlas Mountains in the southeast, the sandy beaches of the Atlantic and the Mediterranean coasts in the west and north and the famous dunes of the Sahara in the south.

Morocco is indeed a land of contrasts.


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