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The State Department web site below is a permanent electronic archive of information released online from January 1, 1997 to January 20, 2001. Please see www.state.gov for current material from the Department of State. Or visit http://2001-2009.state.gov for information from that period. Archive sites are not updated, so external links may no longer function. Contact us with any questions about finding information. NOTE: External links to other Internet sites should not be construed as an endorsement of the views contained therein.
U.S. Department of State

Past Issues:


  • December 1998
      A Day in the Life of the Secretary
      Post of the Month: Djibouti
      Bureau/Office of the Month: South Asian Affairs

  • November 1998
      Anatananarivo Changing With The Times
      Post of the Month: Anatananarivo
      Bureau/Office of the Month: Logistics Management

  • October 1998
      Paying Freedom's Price
      Post of the Month: Edinburgh
      Bureau/Office of the Month: Information Resource Management

  • September 1998
      Promoting Stability in the New Independent States
      Post of the Month: Wellington
      Bureau/Office of the Month: New Independent States

  • July-August 1998
      Kathmandu: Where the past is always present
      Post of the Month: Kathmandu
      Bureau/Office of the Month:Foreign Buildings Operations

  • June 1998
      Honoring Public Service
      Post of the Month: Beirut
      Bureau/Office of the Month: Accords on the Great Lakes

  • May 1998
      Focusing U.S. Policy in the Americas
      Post of the Month: Nicosia
      Bureau/Office of the Month: Inter-American Affairs

  • April 1998
      People: The Foundation of Foreign Policy
      Post of the Month: Singapore
      Bureau/Office of the Month: Personnel

  • March 1998
      Focusing On Women's Issues
      Post of the Month: Athens
      Bureau/Office of the Month: Senior Coordinator Focuses on International Women's Issues

  • February 1998
      We have to spend smarter and train better.
      Post of the Month:Hanoi
      Bureau/Office of the Month: Economic and Business Affairs

  • January 1998
    Barcelona: Celebrating 200 Years of Consular History Post of the Month: Barcelona
    Bureau/Office of the Month: Public Affairs