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Town Hall Spotlights Security

Secretary Albright focuses on Security.
Phot by Michael Gross

We all have a stake in safeguarding our nation's secrets, Secretary Madeleine K. Albright told a packed crowd of employees May 3 during a Town Hall meeting in the Dean Acheson Auditorium.

"It's not 'us' or 'them', only 'we'," said the Secretary, whose remarks came on the heels of a missing laptop computer containing sensitive information and the discovery of a secret listening device, or bug, on the seventh floor of Main State.

Touching first on resources and the difficulty of shaping the foreign policy environment of the 21st century with inadequate funding, the Secretary then moved on to the issue of the day: security.


The Class of 1950
Fifty Years of Friendship

The year 2000 may mean a new millennium for many Americans, but it's the golden anniversary for members of the Foreign Service's basic training class of 1950.

A close-knit group of 27 young men and their families, they were dispatched to West Germany as "Resident Officers" to spearhead the transition from U.S. military to civilian occupation. All had served in World War II as military officers in various branches and theaters of service. Two in the group--downed pilots captured by the Germans--had even endured lengthy stretches as prisoners of war. Theirs may be the only entering Foreign Service class in which all officers were sent to a single country on the same mission.


Post of the Month: Bahrain

Since its days as Dilmun back in 2300 BC, Bahrain has been an oasis on the Persian Gulf, attracting travelers to its enchanted shores for millennia with its peaceful way of life and plentiful fresh water. Sumerian poems in the Gilgamesh epic describe Dilmun as a land of immortals and an eternal paradise for sages and heroes. Approximately 172,000 burial mounds, some 5,000 years old, are scattered across the landscape in silent tribute to Dilmun, one of the oldest civilizations on the Gulf.


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