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July-Aug. 1998 Issue

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The city with a soul rises from the rubble.

A Serb Orthodox church in old town Sarajevo.
Photo by Carmen Ryan

Sarajevo ima dusu, or Sarajevo has a soul, say the inhabitants of that battered but still beautiful city. To many Americans, the name Sarajevo is almost synonymous with the death and devastation that resulted from the long, brutal siege of 1992 to 1995. But Sarajevo's unique appeal--a result of its dramatic history, mix of cultures and rugged physical setting--has survived the conflict. As Bosnia moves beyond the recent, painful past, U.S. diplomats here find themselves in one of the most interesting, challenging cities in the world.


Pat Kennedy on Reorganization

The long-discussed plan to reorganize the United States' foreign affairs agencies is under way. The first step of the plan, the merger of the Arms Control and Disarmament Agency into the State Department, will be completed by April 1. The U.S. Information Agency will join the Department by Oct. 1.

Except for an occasional newspaper headline, the American public will barely notice a change.

But Assistant Secretary for Administration Pat Kennedy recognizes that within State and the affected agencies, the result will be dramatic and far-reaching. Every bureau, every office and every employee, stateside and overseas, will in some way feel the ripple effects of the reorganization.


Art in Embassies

If a picture is worth a thousand words, the Art in Embassies Program is telling the world volumes about U.S. history and culture.

Contemporary hand-blown glass formed into sinuous folds of brilliant color. Quilted pinwheels, coaxed from fabric scraps by nimble fingers faithfully preserving a rich tradition of female artistic expression. Thick, shiny black paint applied with a palette knife to raw canvas in expressive calligraphic strokes.


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