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Country Profile: Nigeria


Fact Sheets
08/27/00: Nigeria: Bridging the Digital Divide and Improving Access to Education
08/27/00: The United States and Nigeria: Expanding Trade and Investment
08/27/00: The United States and Nigeria: Joining Forces to Fight AIDS and Infectious Diseases
08/26/00: Nigeria
08/26/00: Nigeria: The Challenging Transition to Democracy
08/26/00: The United States and Nigeria: Energy, Labor, Law Enforcement, Environment, Democracy and Biotechnology
08/26/00: United States-Nigeria Open Skies Agreement and Other Transportation Initiatives
08/26/00: U.S.-Nigerian Cooperation on Peacekeeping and Military Reform

09/15/00: Transfer of U.S. Embassy in Nigeria to Abuja from Lagos
06/28/00: Nigerian Legislators Examine U.S. Congress
05/19/00: Nigerian Women Assembly Members Examine U.S. Congress
04/27/00: Ambassador William Twaddell, Nigerian Institute for Policy and Strategic Studies, Jos, Nigeria (Nigerian-U.S. Relations)
04/18/00: Thomas Pickering, Press Statement, Abuja, Nigeria
02/23/00: Nigeria: Communal Violence in Kaduna

Economic Policy
Public Law No: 106-200 (Trade and investment policy for Sub-Sahara Africa)
Strengthening Our Economic Partnership With Sub-Saharan Africa and the Caribbean Basin (05/18/00)
Fact Sheet: African Growth and Opportunity Act USTR (05/04/00)
Fact Sheet: Solidifying our Partnership With Africa (02/17/00)
National Summit on Africa (02/00)

Country Reports on Economic Policy and Trade Practices
Country Reports on Human Rights Practices
International Religious Freedom
Patterns of Global Terrorism
International Narcotics Control Strategy Report
Focus on the Issues: Africa [pdf format] Adobe pdf reader/html conversion

Official Visits
August 26-28, 2000: President Clinton's Visit to Nigeria and Tanzania
October 17-23, 1999: Secretary Albright's Trip to Guinea, Sierra Leone, Mali, Nigeria, Kenya, and Tanzania

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