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The Bureau of East Asian and Pacific Affairs, headed by Assistant Secretary Stanley Roth, deals with U.S. foreign policy and U.S. relations with the countries in the Asia-Pacific region.


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Issues in the News

* Secretary Albright Visit to North/South Korea, October 22-25, 2000

* North Korea: Special Envoy Visit to Washington, October 9-12, 2000

* North Korea
"The US and North Korea (the Democratic Republic of Korea or DPRK) agreed to advance bilateral relations through a visit to Washington October 9-12 by the senior special envoy [National Defense Commission First Vice Chairman and Director General of the Political Bureau of the Korean People's Army Jo Myong Rok]. Jo, as the highest-ranking North Korean official ever to visit the U.S., will come to Washington as a personal envoy of North Korean Chairman Kim Jong Il. Secretary Albright will host First Vice Chairman Jo, and he will meet with the President and Secretary of Defense Cohen." --Excerpt from October 5 Department fact sheet.

* Indonesia
"The Government of Indonesia has announced that it is taking steps to implement the plan it gave to the United Nations to confiscate weapons belonging to militias in West Timor. The United States agrees it is crucial that disarmament succeed in order to allow refugees in West Timor the opportunity to decide in peace where they wish to settle, and to bring peace to the citizens of West Timor." --Excerpt from September 29 Department Statement.

* China and Trade
See remarks on China and the White House site for China Trade Relations Working Group.

Remarks, Statements,
Testimony, and Briefings

* Remarks/statements/testimony on
East Asia and the Pacific

* All remarks/testimony by Secretary Albright

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* Press Statements

Regional Topics

* Association of Southeast Asian Nations:

* Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation:

Country Information

Background information on East Asian and Pacific countries and other geographic entities, including U.S. policy toward them.

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