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Appendices to Annex 1A:
Agreement on the Military Aspects of the Peace Settlement

Text of Dayton Peace Agreement documents initialed in Dayton, Ohio on November 21, 1995. Released by the Office of the Spokesman, December 1, 1995.

Appendix A to Annex 1A

Appendix A to Annex 1-A consists of this document together with (a) a 1:600,000 scale UNPROFOR road map consisting of one map sheet, attached hereto; and (b) a 1:50,000 scale Topographic Line Map, to be provided as described below.

On the basis of the attached 1:600,000 scale map, the Parties request that the United States Department of Defense provide a 1:50,000 scale Topographic Line Map, consisting of as many map sheets as necessary, in order to provide a more precise delineation of the lines and zones indicated. Such map shall be incorporated as an integral part of this Appendix, and the Parties agree to accept such map as controlling and definitive for all purposes.

For the Republic of Bosnia and Herzegovina

For the Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina

For the Republika Srpska


For the Republic of Croatia


For the Federal Republic of Yugoslavia


Appendix B to Annex 1A

Agreement Between the Republic of Bosnia and Herzegovina and the North Atlantic Treaty Organisation (NATO) Concerning the Status of NATO and its Personnel

The Republic of Bosnia and Herzegovina and the North Atlantic Treaty Organisation have agreed as follows:

I . For the purposes of the present agreement, the following expressions shall have the meanings hereunder assigned to them:

- "the Operation" means the support, implementation, preparation and participation by NATO and NATO personnel in a peace plan in Bosnia and Herzegovina or a possible withdrawal of U.N. Forces from former Yugoslavia;

- "NATO personnel" means the civilian and military personnel of the North Atlantic Treaty Organisation with the exception of personnel locally hired;

- "NATO" means the North Atlantic Treaty Organisation, its subsidiary bodies, its military Headquarters and all its constituent national elements/units acting in support of, preparing and participating in the Operation;

- "Facilities" mean all premises and land required for conducting the operational, training and administrative activities by NATO for the Operation as well as for accommodations of NATO personnel.

2. The provisions of the Convention on the Privileges and Immunities of the United Nations of 13 February 1946 concerning experts on mission shall apply mutatis mutandis to NATO personnel involved in the Operation, except as otherwise provided for in the present agreement. Moreover NATO, its property and assets shall enjoy the privileges and immunities specified in that convention and as stated in the present agreement.

3. All personnel enjoying privileges and immunities under this Agreement shall respect the laws of the Republic of Bosnia and Herzegovina insofar as it is compatible with the entrusted tasks/mandate and shall refrain from activities not compatible with the nature of the Operation.

4. The Government of the Republic of Bosnia and Herzegovina recognizes the need for expeditious departure and entry procedures for NATO personnel. They shall be exempt from passport and visa regulations and the registration requirements applicable to aliens. NATO personnel shall carry identification which they may be requested to produce for the authorities of the Republic of Bosnia and Herzegovina but operations, training and movement shall not be allowed to be impeded or delayed by such requests.

5. NATO military personnel shall normally wear uniforms, and NATO personnel may possess and carry arms if authorized to do so by their orders. The aut