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Regional Remarks
12/21/99: Secretary Albright, Remarks at Iftaar Dinner with leaders of the American Muslim Community, Washington, DC
12/21/99: Secretary Albright, Statement on the Site for Israeli-Syrian Negotiations
12/17/99: David Scheffer, Address, Union of American Hebrew Congregations, Orlando, Florida (Milosevic, Pinochet, and Us: Responding to Crimes Against Humanity)
12/17/99: Peter Burleigh, Explanation of U.S. Vote on UN Security Council Omnibus Resolution on Iraq, New York
12/16/99: Secretary Albright, Press Briefing on Israel-Syria Peace Talks, Washington, DC
12/14/99: James Foley, Daily Press Briefing, Excerpt on Middle East Peace Process
12/12/99: Secretary Albright, Interview on CBS's "Face the Nation," Washington, DC
12/10/99: Secretary Albright, Interview on ABC's "Good Morning America" with Charles Gibson, Washington, DC
12/10/99: Secretary Albright, Interview on CBS's "The Early Show" with Bryant Gumbel, Washington, DC
12/10/99: Secretary Albright, Interview on CNN's "Early Edition" with Leon Harris, Washington, DC
12/10/99: Secretary Albright, Interview on NBC's "Today Show" with Katie Couric, Washington, DC
12/10/99: Ambassador Dennis Ross, Briefing on the Middle East Peace Process
12/09/99: Secretary Albright and Foreign Minister of Egypt Amre Moussa, Press Conference, Sharm el-Sheik, Egypt
12/09/99: Secretary Albright, Interview on Egyptian TV's "Good Morning Egypt," Sharm el-Sheikh, Egypt
12/08/99: U.S. Contributes $80 Million to UNRWA for Palestinian Refugees
12/08/99: Secretary Albright and Palestinian Authority Chairman Yasser Arafat, Press availability following their meeting, Ramallah, West Bank
12/08/99: Secretary Albright, Interview by CNN's Worldview, Jerusalem
12/08/99: Secretary Albright and Prime Minister Ehud Barak, Press briefing following breakfast meeting at Prime Minister's Residence, Jerusalem
12/08/99: Secretary Albright and Foreign Minister David Levy, Press Briefing following meeting at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Jerusalem
12/07/99: Secretary Albright, Press Conference, Sheraton Hotel, Damascus, Syria
12/07/99: James Rubin, Press Briefing Aboard Plane En Route to Damascus, Syria (peace process)
12/07/99: James Rubin, Press Briefing, Conference Palace, Riyadh, Saudi Arabia (peace process)
12/06/99: Thomas Pickering, Remarks on Iraq, Pakistan and India, Foreign Policy Forum, George Washington University, Washington, DC
11/30/99: Ambassador A. Peter Burleigh, UN General Assembly, New York City, NY (The Middle East Peace Process: Situation in the Middle East)
09/24/99: Secretary Albright, Remarks at Center for Middle East Peace and Economic Cooperation, New York
08/16/99: Thomas Pickering, remarks at Seeds of Peace reception, Washington, DC
08/16/99: Secretary Albright, remarks to "Seeds of Peace" Group
06/29/99: 1999 G-8 Economic Summit: Statement on Regional Issues, Cologne, Germany
06/08/99: Martin Indyk, House International Relations Committee (United States Policy Toward the Middle East)
04/22/99: Martin Indyk, Council on Foreign Relations, New York City (U.S. Policy in the Middle East)
03/08/99: Stuart Eizenstat, Third Annual Les Aspin Memorial Lecture, The Washington Institute for Near East Policy, Washington (Economic Security and the Middle East)

09/24/98: 1998 U.S.-GCC Economic Dialogue: Joint Press Statement
05/06/98: Bruce Riedel, Washington Institute for Near East Policy (U.S. Policy in the Gulf: Five Years of Dual Containment)
03/11/98: Martin Indyk, Recent Developments in the Middle East and North Africa

11/12/97: Martin Indyk, Middle East Insight Conference, College of William and Mary
09/19/97: Thomas Pickering, U.S. Policy in the Middle East

Regional Reports
The Middle East Peace Process
Saddam Hussein's Iraq (9/13/99)
International Religious Freedom
Patterns of Global Terrorism
International Narcotics Control Strategy Report

U.S. Visits to the Middle East
December 5-9, 1999: Secretary Albright visits Saudi Arabia, Syria, Israel and the Palestinian Authority, Egypt, and Iceland.
September 1-13, 1999: Secretary Albright visits Morocco, Egypt, Israel, the West Bank and Gaza, Syria, Turkey, Jordan, Vietnam, and New Zealand.
January 25-29, 1999: Secretary Albright visits Riyadh, Saudi Arabia and Cairo, Egypt.

December 12-15, 1998: President Clinton and Secretary Albright visit Tel Aviv, Jerusalem , Gaza City, Bethlehem, Masada
October 5-7, 1998: Secretary Albright visits the Middle East
January 28-February 3, 1998: Secretary Albright visits the Middle East

November 13-22, 1997: Secretary Albright attends Doha Economic Conference
September 9-15, 1997: Secretary Albright's visits the Middle East

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