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Middle East Summit at Camp David

Media Facilities

In connection with the talks at Camp David, scheduled to begin Tuesday, July 11, a media working facility will be established by the United States State Department at the Thurmont Elementary School, 805 East Main Street, Thurmont, Maryland. Beginning 7:00 AM EDT, Monday, July 10, the Media Facility will be available to the press 24 hours a day for the duration of the talks.


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Summit Home

There will be daily media briefings with simultaneous interpretation available in English, Hebrew and Arabic at the media facility at the Thurmont Elementary School. Details on the briefing schedule are TBA.                                                  

Telephone Lines
All media organizations that want telephone service at the Media Facility at Thurmont Elementary School must place their own orders directly with the telephone company, whether for telephone, fax or computer line service. Please note that news organizations also must provide their own equipment for their lines, whether phone, fax or computer.

To order a telecommunications line, fax your request to: Bell Atlantic at (fax number:) (202) 331-0257. You must include the following information on all orders:

  1. Name, address and phone number of the news organization and of the person there who will be responsible for all financial charges;

  2. Quantity of lines needed;

  3. You MUST indicate whether you want 'Restricted Service' or 'Unrestricted service'. 'Restricted' lines can only be used with credit cards, toll free dialing or operator assistance; 'Unrestricted' lines incur charges for calls made on that line billed directly to that phone number and the person who ordered the line will be liable for all those charges. If you order 'unrestricted', please specify a preferred long distance carrier.
Bell Atlantic will confirm receipt within 24 hours of every order by responding to the phone or fax number which you put on your order.

Any telecommunications order placed by 5:00 PM EDT, Friday, July 7, will be operational by 7:00 AM EDT, Monday, July 10. Any order placed by mid-afternoon Saturday, will be operational by close of business on Monday. Any order after that, will be filled as possible.

Cell phone service note:
All journalists should be aware that cell service is spotty in the entire area, including the service of Bell Atlantic, and is not available at all for some carriers, including Sprint PCS.

Special credentials will be required for access to the media facility. Correspondents with U.S. Government-issued photo media identification cards (White House, Department of State, Department of Defense, Foreign Press Center, U.S. Congress) may pick up credentials upon arrival at Thurmont Elementary School by showing their permanent credential.

All others should fax credential requests to the Foreign Press Center, Attention: Liza Davis, at fax (202) 724-0073. The faxed request for credentials must include the following:

Name, affiliation, job title, permanent office address, permanent office phone number, and an area address and phone number if you are staying in the Thurmont area. Please include a cellular phone number if possible. Each request must be accompanied by a letter with signature of a manager in authority stating that you are assigned to cover the Summit for their news organization.
Writers' workspace requests
Writers - All correspondents, with either U.S. or foreign media organizations, who wish to reserve working space at tables should call Liza Davis of the Foreign Press Center at (202) 661-8941. Each space will have one electrical outlet (110v). Correspondents who need more than one outlet for small equipment (e.g., a computer) should bring their own power strip.

TV and radio workspace requests
All TV and radio organizations, with either U.S. or foreign media organizations, who wish to reserve a broadcast work space should call Joan Storck of the Foreign Press Center at (202) 661-8965, fax (202) 724-2679. TV and radio organizations will have access to the Thurmont Elementary School for set-up at their work space beginning Sunday, July 9, at 10:00 a.m. TV and radio organizations need to arrange for their own electrical service for their own work space and standups at the Thurmont Elem. School. To arrange electrical service, please directly contact Barnhart Electric Service Inc. Bob Barnhart can be paged at (301) 714-7484.

For other requirements: Please call Joan Storck at the Foreign Press Center: (202) 661-8965.

All media who wish to remain in the Thurmont area need to make all of their own arrangements. There are a number of hotels in Frederick, Maryland, and Gettysburg, Pennsylvania, which are each within 30 minutes' drive of Thurmont.

Parking at Thurmont Elementary School
Please drive carefully: there will be children at the school. Thurmont Elementary School will be operating their summer school sessions and other summer activities while also hosting the Media Facility. The limited parking space in the school lot will be shared with school staff and parents. Park only in the areas clearly designated as available for use by the media. The specific area for microwave or satellite truck parking will also be marked. Additional street parking is available nearby.

County Map of Frederick, MDDirections to Thurmont Elementary School
From Washington, DC: Take 495 to Interstate 270 North. Follow 270 North toward Frederick, Maryland, to Route 15 North. From Baltimore: Take Interstate 70 West to Frederick, and then get onto Route 15 North.

FOR THURMONT: Exit off Route 15 at Route 77 EAST. Route 77 east is Main Street in Thurmont. Follow Main Street through the town. As you leave town, Thurmont Elementary School is on the left side of Main Street.

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