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January 2001
* 01/19/01: Farewell Remarks at U.S. Department of State, Washington, DC
* 01/19/01: Statement on Austrian Reconciliation, Peace and Cooperation Fund, Washington, DC
* 01/18/01: Statement on Death of Ambassador Leonard Woodcock, Washington, DC
* 01/18/01: Statement on Position of Aung San Suu Kyi - SPDC dialogue, Washington, DC
* 01/18/01: Remarks at Signing Ceremony between Ireland and United States, Washington, DC
* 01/18/01: Statement on Burma, Washington, DC
* 01/17/01: Interview by Oprah Winfrey, Chicago, Illinois
* 01/17/01: Address before the Chicago Council of Foreign Relations and the Mid-America Committee, Chicago, Illinois
* 01/16/01: Announcement of New Administration Efforts To Fight Sweatshops and Child Labor, Washington, DC
* 01/13/01: Remarks at Chiefs of Diplomatic Missions Ball, Washington, DC
* 01/11/01: Press Briefing at Intercontinental Hotel, Paris, France
* 01/11/01: Remarks with Spanish Foreign Minister Josep Pique, Madrid, Spain
* 01/09/01: Interview by By Jim Lehrer of "The Lehrer News Hour", Washington, DC
* 01/09/01: Press Briefing at the Carl T. Rowan Briefing Room, Washington, DC
* 01/09/01: Remarks at the Inauguration of the New Press Briefing Room, Washington, DC
* 01/08/01: Remarks at the United Nations, New York, New York
* 01/08/01: Interview by Tom Brokaw on NBC's Evening News, Washington, DC
* 01/08/01: Interview on ABC's "Good Morning America," Washington, DC
* 01/07/01: Interview on CNN's "Late Edition," Washington, DC
* 01/05/01: Statement on Report on Comprehensive Nuclear Test Ban Treaty, Washington, D.C.
* 01/04/01: Remarks at the Foreign Service Institute, National Foreign Affairs Training Center, Arlington, VA
* 01/04/01: Remarks at Reception Celebrating Establishment of the Secretary of State's Register of Culturally Significant Property, Washington, DC
* 01/04/01: Remarks with Foreign Minister Svilanovic of Yugoslavia after their meeting, Washington, DC
* 01/04/01: Statement on Death of Former Secretary of State William Rogers, Washington, DC

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