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Foreign Consular Offices in the United States
Fall/Winter 1999

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January 1--Haiti, Sudan
January 4--Burma
January 26--Australia, India

February 4--Sri Lanka
February 6--New Zealand
February 7--Grenada
February 16--Lithuania
February 18 The Gambia
February 22--Saint Lucia
February 23--Brunei, Guyana
February 24--Estonia
February 25--Kuwait
February 27--Dominican Republic

March. 3--Bulgaria, Morocco
March 6--Ghana
March 12--Gabon, Mauritius
March 17--Ireland
March 20--Tunisia
March 21--Namibia
March 23--Pakistan
March 25--Greece
March 26--Bangladesh

April 4--Senegal
April 16--Denmark
April 17--Syria
April 18--Zimbabwe
April 26--Tanzania
April 27--Sierre Leone, Togo
April 27--South Africa
April 30--Netherlands

May 1--Marshall Islands
May 3--Poland
May 8--Czech Republic
May 9--European Union
May 12--Israel
May 14--Paraguay
May 17--Norway
May 20--Cameroon
May 22--Yemen
May 24--Eritrea
May 25--Argentina, Jordan
May 26--Great Britain
May 28--Ethiopia
May 30--Croatia

June 1--Tunisia, Samoa
June 2--Italy
June 4--Tonga
June 6--Sweden
June 10--Portugal
June 12--Philippines, Russia
June 17--Iceland
June 18--Seychelles
June 23--Luxembourg
June 25--Mozambique, Slovenia
June 26--Madagascar
June 27--Djibouti
June 30--Dem. Rep. of Congo

July 1--Burundi, Canada, Rwanda
July 3--Belarus
July 5--Cape Verde, Venezuela
July 6--Comoros, Malawi
July 7--Solomon Islands
July 10--Bahamas
July 11--Mongolia
July 14--France
July 20--Colombia
July 21--Belgium
July 23--Egypt
July 26--Liberia
July 28--Peru

August 1--Benin, Switzerland
August 2--Macedonia
August 5--Jamaica
August 6--Bolivia
August 7--Cote D'Ivoire
August 9--Singapore
August 10--Ecuador
August 11--Chad
August 15--Korea, Rep. of Congo
August 17--Indonesia
August 19--Afghanistan
August 20--Hungary
August 24--Ukraine
August 25--Uruguay
August 31--Kyrgyzstan, Malaysia, Trinidad and Tobago

September 1--Uzbekistan
September 3--Qatar
September 6--Swaziland
September 7--Brazil
September 15--Costa Rica, El Salvador, Guatemala, Honduras, Nicaragua
September 16--Mexico, Papua New Guinea
September 18--Chile
September 19--St. Kitts and Nevis
September 21--Belize, Malta
September 22--Mali
September 23--Saudi Arabia
September 24--Guinea-Bissau
September 30--Botswana

October 1--Cyprus, Nigeria, People's Republic of China, Palau
October 2--Guinea
October 3--Germany
October 4--Lesotho
October 9--Uganda
October 11--Fiji
October 12--Equatorial Guinea, Spain
October 22--Holy See
October 24--Zambia
October 25--Kazakhstan
October 26--Austria
October 27--Saint Vincent and the Grenadines, Turkmenistan
October 28--Czech Republic
October 29--Turkey


November 1--Algeria, Antigua & Barbuda
November 3--Dominica, Panama
November 11--Angola
November 18--Latvia, Oman
November 19--Monaco
November 22--Lebanon
November 25--Suriname
November 28--Mauritania
November 30--Barbados

December 1--Central African Republic, Romania
December 2--Laos, United Arab Emirates
December 5--Thailand
December 6--Finland
December 11--Burkina Faso
December 12--Kenya
December 16--Bahrain
December 18--Niger
December 23--Japan
December 28--Nepal

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