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Travels with the Secretary

Where has the Secretary
traveled overseas?

* December 17, 1999: Berlin, Germany
* December 5-9, 1999: Saudi Arabia, Syria, Israel and the Palestinian Authority, and Egypt
* November 15-23, 1999: Turkey, Greece, Italy, Slovakia, Bulgaria, Kosovo and Slovakia
* October 31-November 2, 1999: Accompanies the President to Oslo, Norway
* October 17-23, 1999: Guinea, Sierra Leone, Mali, Nigeria, Kenya, and Tanzania
* September 19-29, 1999: New York City (54th United Nations General Assembly)
* September 1-13, 1999: Morocco, Egypt, Israel, the West Bank and Gaza, Syria, Turkey, Jordan, Vietnam, and New Zealand
* July 30, 1999: Sarajevo, Bosnia-Herzegovina [with the President]
* July 29, 1999: Italy and Kosovo
* July 25-28, 1999: Singapore
* June 15-22, 1999: Europe
* June 6-11, 1999: Germany, Belgium, and Macedonia
* May 5-6, 1999: Belgium and Germany
* April 12-13, 1999: Brussels, Belgium and Oslo, Norway
* March 10-11, 1999: Antigua, Guatemala
* February 26-March 7, 1999: China, Thailand, and Indonesia
* February 19-23, 1999: Rambouillet and Paris, France
* February 13-15, 1999: Rambouillet and Paris, France, and Merida, Mexico
* January 25-29, 1999: Russia, Egypt, Jordan, Saudi Arabia, United Kingdom, and France

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*1998 Travels with the Secretary
*1997 Travels with the Secretary

Where in the world is
the Secretary?

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