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Great Seal Denver Summit of the Eight

The Denver Summit of the Eight was held June 20-22, 1997, in Denver, Colorado. Leaders of seven industrial countries--the United States, France, the United Kingdom, Germany, Italy, Canada, and Japan--plus the European Commission (of the European Union) and Russia attended the summit.

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Communique, Denver Summit of the Eight (6/22/97)
Press Conference of the President, President Clinton, Denver, Colorado (6/22/97)
Statement on Cambodia (6/22/97)
Statement on Bosnia and Herzegovina (6/22/97)
Statement on Nagorno-Karabakh Conflict (6/22/97)
Foreign Ministers' Report (6/21/97)
Press Briefing on Foreign Ministers' Report, Secretary Albright, Denver, Colorado (6/21/97)
Finance Ministers' Report (6/21/97)
Confronting Global Economic and Financial Challenges (6/21/97)

Background Information

White House Press Briefing, Denver Summit of the Eight (6/16/97)
Fact Sheet: Economic Summits: 1988-1996 (6/16/97)
Fact Sheet: G-7/Summit of the Eight History and Purpose (6/3/97)
Fact Sheet: Denver Summit Countries: Key Economic Data (6/16/97)
Fact Sheet: The World Trade Organization and U.S. Trade Policy (6/3/97)
Fact Sheet: The Denver Summit of the Eight: Global Issues (5/30/97)
Fact Sheet: Terrorism (5/30/97)
Denver Summit of the Eight Schedule (6/5/97)

Previous Summits Available Online

Lyon Summit
Halifax Summit

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